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Home is where LOVE begins
September , 11 , 2014

Sometimes our lives are so busy and stressful that we simply forget about the importance our home plays in our emotional wellbeing; a home is a place to feel relaxed, get calm and restore.

A well organized, energetically balanced home is essential for re-booting and getting ready for the next work day. Even if you work from home, the level of your productivity and effectiveness depends on how your home vibration is. With our full and busy days we often treat our homes as a place to pass through and crash. A chaotic, disorganized home can stop us from fully shining our light. A cluttered house usually reflects an unorganized mind. Imagine trying to concentrate or meditate with a sound of pounding music! “Visual noise” as I like to call it can have the same negative effect on your efficiency, calmness and ultimately your emotional wellbeing.

Our homes are our sanctuaries, and are the outer reflection of who we are. At the age when we spend so much time evaluating, and renewing our inner-self, let us not forget that our homes help create the inner peace we are all longing for.

Updating our home and de-cluttering does not have to be expensive! Take this task as a creative project and have fun with it.

Bonnie Sadigh, CEO