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We bridge modern science with ancient wisdom to provide integrated, personalized, and preventive therapies that bring forth wellness in our clients. Our ultimate purpose is to create a warm and caring environment that allows each client to achieve a well-balanced lifestyle that is essential for wellbeing in mind, body and spirit. We are a leader in providing successful, innovative and integrated approaches to wellbeing as a proactive lifestyle choice.


Our focus on a balanced lifestyle encourages the release of psychological barriers, improvement of physical health, and the alignment of spiritual values. Wellness is not a fixed point in time but rather, is in constant motion like a wheel, anchored by the support of its integral spokes. This wheel is the spectrum of whole health wellbeing.

About Us

Wheel of Wellbeing is a collaborative group of professionals from diverse scientifically established backgrounds who share a vision of healthy and joyful living. Our center respects and values the realm of typical medical practices while including proven complementary approaches to a balanced mental, physical, emotional, and social view of wellbeing. In a peaceful and calm sanctuary setting the Mindful approaches of The Wheel provide a combination of services that synergistically encourage you to move along the continuous yet often times overlooked paths of joyful wellbeing.