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September , 05 , 2014

What do you do when you feel empty, stressed-out, over-worked, undervalued, or deprived? In a world surrounded by so much bad news, how do you sooth a tired and frightened soul? Every day – as wars kill thousands of innocent people, racial conflicts bring out protesting crowds to the streets, natural disasters uproot neighborhoods, and the most popular celebrities who seem to have everything they need commit suicide- doubtlessly pressures of living a happy life become increasingly excessive. So, how do […]

Making Mistakes
May , 15 , 2014

I can never forget the fourth grade of elementary school. Our math teacher, Mrs. H, had a wooden ruler for punishing us anytime we made mistakes in answering her questions. She lined us up against the wall and expected us to stretch our hands out, with the palms up. Then, with a hard strike, she lashed the ruler on the palms of our hands. If we reflexively pulled our hands back, we were lashed two more times. I remember, at […]

Be Aware Of Love
March , 24 , 2014

Being in love is such an abstract notion, yet so meaningful. Its spectrum covers from hope to despair and its magnitude is as enormous as life or death. It can make one impatient and crazy, or it can generate motivation and resilience. It can bring contentment and joy, or devastation and destruction. In love, we become a different person. Once in love, the chemical changes in the neurotransmitters, along with the memories of earlier attachment issues flood the brain and […]