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Dr. Stan Friedman

Dr. Stan Friedman
Psy. d, LMFT

Dr. Friedman received his Ph.D. from the California School of Professional Psychology at Berkeley in 1986 and became licensed to practice in California in 1988. His early training included positions at Mt. Zion and Childrens’ Hospitals in San Francisco. During his early training some of his most influential mentors included Rollo May, Bruno Bettelheim, Thomas Ogden, Jerome Oremland, and Shirley Cooper.

These past 15 years Dr. Friedman has become increasingly interested in the newly developing field of “Interpersonal Neurobiology.” That science examines the way in which human relationships affect the brain, mind and body.  The recent explosion of research about the brain and its functioning under different interpersonal conditions is at the cutting edge of deepening the effectiveness of psychotherapy and our understanding of the mind.

While Dr. Friedman has many years of clinical and teaching experience, he views himself as a continuous student in this exciting and ever evolving field. He was responsible for running the Continuing Education Program for the San Mateo County Psychological Association for the past decade. Some of the programs he has arranged included such prominent speakers such as  Drs. Irv Yalom,  Deborah Tannen and Glen Gabbard.